Adaptus is a close team of certified Salesforce developers who work together to create simple, elegant, world-class solutions for large enterprises to improve security, lead management and communications. We take pride in delivering only the best products and customer service.

We Identify Problems

Our products are designed to solve problems in the simplest, most efficient manner possible. We start by identifying capabilities our customers are looking for, confirming the market need, and creating solutions to solve the problem.

We Collaborate

We believe that a company should serve a higher purpose than to just make a profit. We have always had a passion for creating new things, and continue this passion.

We Develop Solutions

With rocket speed, we drive innovations that make an impactful difference in customers lives.

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The Power Of Purpose: How Salesforce And The Pledge 1% Model Is Inspiring Silicon Valley To Do Good

April 18, 2019Dreamforce 2018, Partner News,

Suzanne DiBianca is Chief Impact Officer and EVP of Corporate Relations at Salesforce, where she leads the company’s stakeholder strategy—including all corporate giving, community relations, and sustainability efforts. DiBianca was previously co-founder and president of the Salesforce Foundation and Under her leadership, Salesforce pioneered the Pledge 1% model of integrated corporate philanthropy, which dedicates 1% of Salesforce’s equity, employee time or […]

By Mary Rose Avila0

Networks, Cloud Monitoring are Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenge

April 12, 2019Cybersecurity, Healthcare IT,

Monitoring of networks, endpoints, and cloud assets is a continuing cybersecurity challenge for many healthcare organizations, according to CynergisTek’s 2019 annual report. This is bad news because the attack surface at healthcare organizations is rapidly expanding as more systems and devices access their networks, it noted. Particularly disturbing, CynergisTek found that healthcare organizations’ compliance rate with the […]

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air force

The Air Force Has a New Cyber Security Defense Plan

April 11, 2019EZProtect, Government Protection,

The Air Force is refining new cloud-oriented cybersecurity technologies to safeguard vulnerable data networks and strengthen defenses against increasingly sophisticated AI-enabled cyber attacks. Air Force cloud migration, designed to reduce a hardware footprint, enable broader data access and engender greater levels of combat interoperabity, is seeking to benefit from various technical upgrades to keep pace […]

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9 top hacker movies and TV shows of all time

March 30, 2019trends

A teenage hacker breaks into NORAD and almost starts a nuclear war. Ronald Reagan was so disturbed by the movie War Games that he signed into law the draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), a dog’s breakfast of a law that continues to loom over good-faith security researchers. Other, more lighthearted movies enchant infosec folks with their campy […]

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Great lead distribution app! The EZAssign team have produced a very effective app for our business.
Luke Craig
The Fuelcard Company
EZAssign is exactly the app we were looking for!
Katie Fleming
Tenon Tours
EZAssign is a great product!
Bobby Juarez
Infinity Learning Solutions
When we run into issues, The Adaptus support team is always on top of it. Their support team is awesome!
Scott Sumner
Hewlett Packard
It’s amazing to us that until now, there has not been a virus scanner available for SalesForce. The minute we learned about the application, we requested a demo and initiated it as quickly as possible. The team at Adaptus has been great, and we were up and running in no-time. The application has worked seamlessly, and we are much more relieved to know customers who work with us in the SalesForce environment are protected against malware, phishing and Trojan horse viruses often found in attachments.
Qing Lin
Policy & Budget Analyst / Colorado Department of Transportation