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Our products are designed to solve problems in the simplest, most efficient manner possible. We start by identifying capabilities our customers are looking for, confirming the market need, and creating solutions to solve the problem.

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We believe that a company should serve a higher purpose than to just make a profit. We have always had a passion for creating new things, and continue this passion.

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With rocket speed, we drive innovations that make an impactful difference in customers lives.

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2016 election hacking in Florida: Russian emails, hidden tracks

May 25, 2019Government, Government Protection,

According to the Mueller report, an FBI investigation revealed that in November 2016 the GRU “sent spear-phishing emails to over 120 email accounts used by Florida county officials responsible for administering the 2016 U.S. election” and malware embedded in Word documents in those emails enabled the GRU to gain access to “at least one Florida county government.”

By Mary Rose Avila0

Digital ethics rising in importance

May 18, 2019Uncategorised

The transformative ways in which new technologies – particularly artificial intelligence – are being utilized call for deeper discussions around the ethical considerations of these deployments. Depending on the organization and its level of ambition for implementing these technologies, that might even include the need for a chief ethics officer to ensure these issues receive appropriate attention at high levels of the organization.

By Mary Rose Avila0

The second Meltdown: New Intel CPU attacks leak secrets

May 15, 2019Cybersecurity, EZProtect, News You can Use,

Researchers have found new flaws in Intel processors that could allow hackers to defeat the security boundaries enforced by virtual machine hypervisors, operating system kernels and Intel SGX enclaves, putting data on both servers and endpoint systems at risk. The new attack techniques can be used to leak sensitive secrets like passwords or encryption keys […]

By Mary Rose Avila0
Great lead distribution app! The EZAssign team have produced a very effective app for our business.
Luke Craig
The Fuelcard Company
EZAssign is exactly the app we were looking for!
Katie Fleming
Tenon Tours
EZAssign is a great product!
Bobby Juarez
Infinity Learning Solutions
When we run into issues, The Adaptus support team is always on top of it. Their support team is awesome!
Scott Sumner
Hewlett Packard
It’s amazing to us that until now, there has not been a virus scanner available for SalesForce. The minute we learned about the application, we requested a demo and initiated it as quickly as possible. The team at Adaptus has been great, and we were up and running in no-time. The application has worked seamlessly, and we are much more relieved to know customers who work with us in the SalesForce environment are protected against malware, phishing and Trojan horse viruses often found in attachments.
Qing Lin
Policy & Budget Analyst / Colorado Department of Transportation