Over the years, we’ve received a lot of questions surrounding the issue of why standard network/desktop virus scanning software doesn’t work for Salesforce.

Here are 10 simple reasons why desktop virus scanning software applications don’t protect Salesforce environments, especially those using communities:
  1. What if an employee logs into Salesforce from home and doesn’t have a virus scanner on their home computer?
  2. What if an employee logs into Salesforce from a tablet or mobile device that does not have a virus scanning software on it and attaches a corrupt file?
  1. What if someone sends an email with a virus to a support email that attaches the virus to a case?
  1. What if someone submits a lead or case form and uploads a virus to a lead or case in Salesforce?
  1. What if someone has a virus scanner on their desktop that for some reason didn’t get the latest update?
  1. What if someone is a remote user with a laptop, and their laptop had not connected to the corporate network in a while and their virus definitions have not been updated?
  1. What if, when a file was uploaded to Salesforce, it had a virus, but at the time of the upload, the virus was unknown and the virus scanner did not catch it? Then, later, after the virus is discovered and the definition files are updated, the virus was already uploaded and potentially shared with a customer?
  1. With box, dropbox, google, etc., users can now upload files directly from their phones without ever having the file scanned.
  1. In the case of Salesforce communities, companies don’t control hardware and therefore can’t control if the user uploading the file has a virus scanner and if the virus scanner is up-to-date.
  1. Most corporations do not require virus scanners on mobile devices, especially since nowadays most companies reimburse people for the mobile expenses.


There are currently two third-party software’s available which provide virus scanning for large enterprises using Salesforce – EZProtect® by Adaptus, and Cloud Protection for Salesforce by F-Secure. Both products do the job well, but EZProtect is the only solution designed by certified Salesforce architects who understand the vulnerabilities of Salesforce and supports scanning of multiple Salesforce environments under one license, on both commercial and FedRAMP approved hosting. Adaptus is also domestically based which is important to both state and federal government agencies and employs active development on the product to expand to other cloud-based tools such as box.com and others in 2018.


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