Virus Protection for Salesforce Communities and Portals - Adaptus

If your company is using Salesforce and providing “communities” or “portals”, both internal and external, your organization is vulnerable and at great risk of malware and phishing attacks.

To date, there has not been an application capable of providing this protection. However, Adaptus recently release EZProtect™, the industry’s ONLY virus scanning application available for Salesforce users which easily scans chatter files, documents, attachments and content for harmful viruses.

Through careful and clean design, EZProtect makes the detection and deletion of viruses, malware, trojan horses and other malicious threats effortless and painless.

Automated anti-virus scanning for Chatter Files, Documents, Attachments and Content within Salesforce

  • Software Viruses – Much like with a common cold or other virus that a person can catch and spread, software viruses are computer programs that can replicate themselves from computer to computer and have the potential to delete your data or otherwise damage your computer.
  • Malware – Malware is software that was written with the intent of doing something bad to you or your computer.  There are different kinds, from irritating “adware”, which might interrupt you with advertisements, to more harmful “spyware” and “keyloggers”, which seek to capture your data or your online interactions.  Thieves can then use this information to steal from your bank accounts or use your credit cards with permission.  Or steal your identity!
  • Trojan Horses – Trojan Horses are a special kind of malware.  Instead of just hiding and sneaking onto your computer, Trojan Horse software pretends to be completely benign, or even useful.  But at some point, the software will trigger some bad effects or try to capture private data.

Pricing is based on volume per use, and the application is available for a 30-day trial to access usage.  Contact us for a demo today!

EZAssign Version 1.31 Pre-Release for Customers Attending Dreamforce this week? Look for EZAssign and EZProtect in the Developer Lounges!