First, make sure you’re using a robust client relationship management tool (CRM) like SalesForce to properly track and score leads and customer service tickets.

Second, if you are using SalesForce, be sure to install an efficient round-robin lead management application like EZAssign™ to assign thousands of leads at a time at the click of the button.

  • Smart lead assignment tools like EZAssign are designed specifically for large enterprises to assign thousands of leads at once, and include priority assignment rules with multiple queues. They also include a load-balance logic that will enable the manager to control the number of leads assigned to a particular sales person.
  • Yes, there are other tools out there that claim to do the same thing, but most of them are cumbersome and include too many “bells and whistles” that bog the application down and affect efficiently. They were also not designed by certified SalesForce architects which is key to understanding functionality and efficiency without downtime or “bugs”.
  • EZAssign was designed with the “KISS” philosophy, “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, and contains only “useful” features that users need. Ultimately, EZAssign completely eliminates cherry-picking for sales or customers service organizations while increasing productivity, profitability and customer service management.

And third, download a FREE 30-Day trial on the SalesForce App Exchange here and start assigning leads right away!  It’s simple to install and configure, so you’ll be up and running in minutes!

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EZAssign Version 1.31 Pre-Release for Customers Attending Dreamforce this week? Look for EZAssign and EZProtect in the Developer Lounges!