The applications, collectively called, will help organizations identify when it could be safe to open based on expert data on CORONAVIRUS cases near their offices, as well as orchestrate shifts for when groups of employees can work in the office, manage emergency response procedures and conduct manual contact tracing. also allows workers to self-report their wellness, helps companies manage which employees and guests are coming into the office, schedule worker breaks, and logs procedures such as cleaning a space before a new group of people arrives. And lastly, the tool enables businesses to train employees and manage grants and volunteer time.

Salesforce will charge organizations to use this software to help organizations disseminate information to stakeholders and monitor social media chatter.

Each capability in the platform will come with its own price tag –from $5 per user per month for the Command Center with Employee Wellness features, to $50 per user per month for Emergency Response Management for Public Health and Public Sector.

Security Considerations

Unfortunately, in the age of the CORONAVIRUS Pandemic, hackers are exploiting the crisis with targeted phishing attempts and updated malware to create havoc for Windows admins (read full article here>>).

Given the platform will be including content/attachments from a wide range of sources, it is prudent for all Salesforce customers to connect a third-party virus scanner to their Salesforce environments. Otherwise, malicious content (malware, ransomware, Trojan horse viruses) will enter directly to Salesforce awaiting the opportunity to be unleashed.

The Solution

There are only two virus scanning applications available which may provide protection against malicious content entering Salesforce environments – EZProtect® and F-Secure. EZProtect is the industry’s first, and leading virus scanner for Salesforce and cloud-based applications.

  • It was originally designed for Salesforce large enterprise customers by Salesforce experts (Certified Technical Architects) and recently expanded to protect cloud-based applications such as, etc.
  • It is the only application available on the market to provide real-time scanning of content BEFORE it enters Salesforce or cloud-based applications via API technology.

Other advanced scanning features include:

  • Unlimited scanning of multiple Salesforce environments and other cloud-based applications under 1 license
  • Whitelisting
  • Blocking file types (.jpegs for example)
  • Blocking of PDF’s with active scripts
  • Custom file discovery queries
  • Asynchronous scans

F-Secure is a good product but was not designed by Salesforce experts. F-Secure is a virus scanning company that tweaked its “out of the box” solution for general virus scanning and has tried to apply it to Salesforce. Its premise is based on an old-school approach to virus scanning (user-based/desktop installation) and does not address volume-based scanning, especially for organizations using communities and/or public portals. It’s much better suited for small organizations who are not dealing with large volume or cloud-based infrastructure.

Scanning Options – There are two versions of EZProtect available. Basic which provides near-real-time scanning – scans content after it has entered Salesforce. There is a delay of content accessibility of a few seconds up to a minute before the content is scanned and cleared or quarantined. The Advanced version provides real-time scanning of all content BEFORE it enters Salesforce and includes an API to connect to other cloud-based applications ( for example) to also scan their environments. It also includes whitelisting, blocking file types (.jpegs for example), blocking of PDFs with active scripts, custom file discovery queries and asynchronous scans.

Pricing – EZProtect pricing is based on scan volume vs. the number of Salesforce users. Why? Because we want our customers to only pay for what they use vs. the number of Salesforce licenses within an organization that may not use the feature. And, if the customer is using communities and portals, the license model does not apply as files are coming from outside of the organization.

One of our federal clients uses sites and collects 65k+ files a month from the general public nationally. Pricing starts at 5k scans per month and is based on small, medium, large and extra-large buckets (upwards of 65k scans per month).

Support – We offer both basic and premier support (24/7) options for our global customers.  Pricing depends on the subscription level – support is included with some levels of advanced versions of EZProtect.

Security Certifications – Virus protection for Salesforce and cloud-based applications is a new concept for the industry, and formal certifications take time to receive. But, in the meantime, we have been careful to design our applications to follow best practices when it comes to security and compliance and have numerous internal policies and procedures that map to ISO/IEC 27001-27002 standards.

Hosting – EZProtect is hosted on AWS PCI compliant and Fed-RAMP certified servers using container-based partition technology to lock down data and ensure the highest level of data security available for our customers. EZProtect is also applicable to Azure and on-premises hosting environments for both commercial and government enterprises and is currently used by some of the largest U.S. Federal organizations in the country.

Availability – EZProtect is available through DeloitteAccentureCarahsoft6 Street Technologies, and other leading professional services firms offering technology and cybersecurity implementation services. 

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EZAssign Version 1.31 Pre-Release for Customers Attending Dreamforce this week? Look for EZAssign and EZProtect in the Developer Lounges!