EZProtect Antivirus Scanner for Salesforce

EZProtect is the industry’s leading cloud-based antivirus software for Salesforce.

Salesforce does NOT provide a way to scan attachments, document uploads, or chatter for viruses or malicious content. This is a huge security risk for all Salesforce users, especially when a Salesforce application is publicly exposed through communities and sites.com.  Designed for large enterprises, EZProtect easily scans chatter files, documents, attachments, and content for harmful viruses within all variations of Salesforce including multiple Salesforce environments, community portals, and chatter.

Enterprise Business Solution

EZProtect is a third-party application that connects securely to your Salesforce organization via the Salesforce API to scan and quarantine files infected with viruses. Through careful and clean design, EZProtect makes the detection and deletion of viruses, malware, Trojan horses, and other malicious threats effortless and painless.

EZProtect is also the only Salesforce virus scanning application that allows users to connect and scan multiple Salesforce orgs under one, centralized application.  Meaning, users may use the EZProtect application as a centralized hub to monitor multiple orgs in aggregate, or individually.  And, you may also monitor scanning within each Salesforce org individually through a custom object tab.  This allows organizations to truly see the big picture simply and easily, but also provide immediate access to Salesforce admins working in the org directly.

Key features include:

  • Scans Salesforce chatter files, documents, attachments and content for harmful viruses within communities, public sites, content and multiple Salesforce orgs
  • File-type scanning allowing users to specify a list of file types that are allowed or denied (white list or black list)
  • Scanning of PDF files that contain JavaScript and therefore may contain malicious code
  • Scanning of static resources, as well as document, attachment, and content versions
  • Skip or filter scanning of one or more of the four main delivery avenues for harmful content within the Salesforce org.
  • Commercial or Cloud Hosting –hosting services on Amazon AWS and/or Gov. Cloud Regions.
  • Multiple “Org” connections – connect several Salesforce orgs to EZProtect. There is no limit.


Protect Your Salesforce Org

With a simple, elegant, world-class solution to protect against viruses of all types.

Community Portals

EZProtect is designed to scan community portals (internal and external) for malicious software.

Chatter & Content

EZProtect scans chatter, documents and any uploaded content within Salesforce.


EZProtect was developed for flexibility and may be customized to accommodate special requirements for Government, Financial and other markets.

Threat Vectors

Simply put, any file that is uploaded to Salesforce brings with it the opportunity to carry a virus, malware, or unintended active content. There are four main avenues for delivery of these types of files within Salesforce:

  1. Attachments associated with cases, leads, opportunities, etc.
  2. Documents
  3. Content Files, including chatter attachments
  4. Static Resources


How Does it Work?

  1. First, request a free trial of EZProtect and you will receive an email with a license activation link.
  2. Connect EZProtect to your Salesforce org
  3. Once EZProtect is connected, users may start by uploading files to your Salesforce org through a multitude of ways, including attaching files to standard objects, custom objects, chatter post or document libraries. You may view results both in Salesforce, as well as the EZProtect application separately.
  4. EZProtect will scan your Salesforce org for new files every 60 seconds or less for any new files that have been uploaded since the last scan.
  5. EZProtect then pulls the files over to our platform through a secure connection and scans the files for any known viruses.
  6. Once the files are scanned, they are held in temporary memory, and are then permanently deleted. Your organization’s files are never stored on our system.
  7. The results of the scans are then sent back to Salesforce, where, if a virus was detected, the infected files are quarantined to the recycle bin in Salesforce.  Optionally, you can also create a log of all viruses found and which documents they were found in logged to a custom object in Salesforce or p,osted to a Chatter Group (such as the Salesforce Administrator of the org).  You will also see this information in the EZAssign application.


By default, EZProtect scans for viruses, malware, and Trojan horses with an add-on capability to scan for JavaScript content in PDFs (JavaScript is executed when PDFs are opened in the browser). It also offers the additional ability to rescan existing files already present in the system to look for viruses and other threats that have been identified since the file was initially uploaded.


Why EZProtect?

Cyberwarfare is an ongoing threat that will only continue to gain more traction. Relying on virus protection on personal PC’s in not a sufficient cybersecurity strategy as it will not protect against mobile uploads, community chatter, and public sites within the Salesforce application.

The best way to prevent an attack within Salesforce is to install the EZProtect anti-virus software within the org (or multiple orgs) directly to fend off the four threat vectors mentioned in the brochure with a full list of FAQsInstall a free trial and/or contact us today to request a quote. We look forward to working with you.



It’s easy! You get to try out all our features, completely free, for 30 days. You can cancel at any point during the 30 days and you won’t be charged a dime. At the end of the 30-day period, however, your trial expires, at which time you must sign up for a annual subscription to continue using the product.
EZProtect is offered as a subscription based service billed on an annual basis. We do offer multi-year subscriptions at a discount, but you only have to pay one year at a time.
Yes, and it’s free. All plans come with our standard support which covers you 8am-5pm CST Mon-Fri, and we don’t charge you anything for that. For customers of ours that require support outside of regular business hours we do offer a premium support plan for an additional fee. Our software is so easy to use that you shouldn’t need to contact us at all, but if you do need help, we’re totally here for you.
We operate on a per-file pricing model. Meaning, pricing is determined by the total volume of content you will be scanning per month. We realize this is a variable number, and will work with you on a pricing plan to accommodate growth.
Yes, absolutely! Our basic pricing model already has volume pricing built into it! As you add more users you automatically pay less for everyone of your existing users as well! For our large enterprise and midsize customers we offer special pricing plans to maximize your savings! Contact us if you would like to discuss our special pricing plans.
Of course! Unlike some of our competitors we help every one of our customers install and configure our application, and give initial training for your administrators as well! We want you to be successful so we do everything to make sure that happens!