EZProtect Enterprise Cybersecurity for Salesforce

EZProtect® is the industry’s leading cloud-based antivirus solution for Salesforce file attachments. With the addition of the highly anticipated release of the EZProtect Real Time On-Demand Scanner™ (ODS) API, any cloud-based or on-premises application with an API may also connect to EZProtect enabling enterprise-wide virus scanning of files with centralized reporting.

Designed for large enterprises, EZProtect “connects” to Salesforce and provides near real-time virus scanning of file attachments and harmful URL endpoints within those file attachments throughout the Salesforce environment.

The new EZProtect Real-Time ODS API was designed as an “add on” to the core EZProtect product for Salesforce but is not dependent on Salesforce as it may be connected to any cloud-based application using a REST API. This means, large enterprises using other business management applications (such as Box.com, Sharefile, Office 365 OneDrive, Mulesoft, Boomi, etc.) may now connect to the EZProtect ODS to scan attachments for viruses, malware, and malicious content and URLs in real-time across their enterprise.

As a fully-customizable application, EZProtect provides administrators with the flexibility to configure the application to their organization’s preferences and supports multiple reporting capabilities within Salesforce, the EZProtect Application UI, or other tools such as Splunk. This is a game-changer for system administrators and cybersecurity for large enterprises. One fully customizable application, multiple connections, centralized reporting, unlimited scanning capability — simple.


Features include:

Virus Scanning

  • Real-time, on-demand scanning of files with the automatic quarantine of unknown files keeps networks safe while users get on with their day.
  • High-Performance Scanning – increased parallel processing for files for speed
  • URL Scanning – scans for malicious URL endpoints within files/attachments in addition to viruses
  • Comprehensive Salesforce Environment Scanning – scans complete Salesforce environments including documents, attachments, content versions, files, and static resources

Core Functionality

  • Unlimited number of connectors available to enable EZProtect to actively scan all files/attachments throughout as many applications as necessary.
  • Custom File Type Blocking, Filtering & Sorting – the ability to identify specific types of files that should be blocked based on the physical extension of the file and block or approve them.
  • Centralized enterprise cybersecurity operations center offering cloud-based user interface and custom integrations with Splunk, Salesforce, or other reporting applications.
  • Dashboard and Metrics – provides both cumulative metrics across all connected applications as well as connector-specific metrics per application via the EZProtect User Interface dashboard.
  • Customized Behavior & Notifications – provides system administrators with the ability to set a variety of behavior and notifications after a file has been scanned.
  • Vanity URL – Custom domains (yourcompany.ezprotect.io) to easily access EZProtect.

Hosting Environment

  • EZProtect is applicable to all hosting environments including AWS, Azure and on-premises hosting environments for both commercial and government enterprises.
  • Container-based Partitioning Technology – to lock down customer data and ensure the highest level of data security available on the market today.

EZProtect is available through Deloitte, Accenture, Carahsoft, 6 Street Technologies, and other leading professional services firms offering technology and cybersecurity implementation services. For more information, contact us today.