EZAssign Salesforce Lead/Case Assignment for Large Enterprises


Salesforce Round-Robin Lead/Case/Opportunity Assignment

Designed by certified Salesforce architects specifically for large enterprises, EZAssign® works with Salesforce lead assignment rules and queues to streamline the lead and case management process to enable increased productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

EZAssign is a clean and simple application focused solely on routing lead/case information quickly and efficiently. EZAssign is also the only lead assignment tool designed to handle large quantities of data and can assign thousands of leads/cases in seconds.

The Right Info, to the Right Person, Immediately

As a native application, EZAssign assigns leads/cases from Salesforce queues to queue members using a round-robin or load balance assignment method. This ensures the equitable distribution of cases/leads/opportunities among active team members and eliminates the ability of “cherry picking” from queues by sales/customer service representatives. Additionally, if an organization uses a marketing automation system such as Marketo or Eloqua, those systems can also assign the leads to Salesforce queues when they are ready to be called upon.


From the beginning, Adaptus® engineers have focused on creating a customizable assignment engine that focuses on helping customers build the “perfect” assignment solution for their organization.

Easy Setup

Getting started with EZAssign is quick and easy. Just install the free 30-day trial into the Salesforce org, configure the EZAssign settings, create EZAssign queues, add members to the queues, and verify individual user assignment settings. For more advanced teams, users may create multiple assignment tools with custom criteria such as assignments just for hot leads, or just for leads from a specific source. The options are endless and fully customizable.

Need Assistance with Salesforce Setup?

We can help with that! Adaptus offers Salesforce Quick-Start Setup consulting services to ensure your lead routing rules, queues and other required field configurations are set up properly. Our engineers will also connect and configure EZAssign so you’re up and running quickly and efficiently. Just request a quote for Quick-Start Setup services with your purchase of EZAssign.

Key Features

  • Active employee assignment
  • Alerts
  • Any lead source
  • Auto-reassignment
  • Load-balance and prioritization
  • Easy Setup
  • High-performance product development
  • Large data volume assignments
  • Lead, opportunity, case routing
  • Load balance
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Multi-queue priority assignments
  • Native
  • Round-robin assignment engine
  • Time to contact tracking
  • Weighted assignment and capping
  • Working hours


Based upon price per user, per month (your admin managers and reps). Starting at $23/per user and reducing from there based on volume. Large volume pricing available and includes:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited number lead/case assignments
  • Up to 40 hours free advanced customization
  • Dedicated Account Manager



    • Large Enterprise

    • 200+

      Volume Discount!

      Contact us for a quote.

    • Plan Includes

      24/7 Support.


      Assign an unlimited number of leads or cases to an unlimited number of queues.


      Round robin or load balanced prioritized assignment.


      Up to 40 hours free advanced customizations to work with your business process.


      Dedicated Account Manager.


      Volume Discounts Available.

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    • Mid-Size Business

    • 100-199

      Volume discount!

      Contact us for a quote.

    • Plan Includes

      24/7 Support.


      Assign an unlimited number of leads or cases.


      Round robin or load balanced assignment.


      Up to 8 hours Free basic customizations to work with your process.


      Significant discounts available.

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    • Entrepreneur

    • 10-99

      $23 per user.

    • Plan includes

      Standard Support.


      Assign an unlimited number of leads or cases.


      Round Robin or Load Balanced Assignment.


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It’s easy! You get to try out all our features, completely free, for 30 days. You can cancel at any point during the 30 days and you won’t be charged a dime. At the end of the 30-day period, however, your trial expires, at which time you must sign up for a annual subscription to continue using the product.
EZAssign is offered as a subscription based service billed on an annual basis. We do offer multi-year subscriptions at a discount, but you only have to pay one year at a time.
Yes, and it’s free. All plans come with our standard support which covers you 8am-5pm CST Mon-Fri, and we don’t charge you anything for that. For customers of ours that require support outside of regular business hours we do offer a premium support plan for an additional fee. Our software is so easy to use that you shouldn’t need to contact us at all, but if you do need help, we’re totally here for you.
We operate on a per-user pricing model. Unlike some of our competitors we only charge you for users receiving assignments. We don’t think it is right that you should have to pay for the users administrating or managing the application. That’s why we include those users FREE OF CHARGE!
Yes, absolutely! Our basic pricing model already has volume pricing built into it! As you add more users you automatically pay less for everyone of your existing users as well! For our large enterprise and midsize customers we offer special pricing plans to maximize your savings! Contact us if you would like to discuss our special pricing plans.
Of course! Unlike some of our competitors we help every one of our customers install and configure our application, and give initial training for your administrators as well! We want you to be successful so we do everything to make sure that happens!
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