At Dreamforce 2017, Salesforce spoke about an array of new products, updates, and ideas ‘in-the-works’. Among them, myTrailhead is geared for businesses looking to upskill their employees in an innovative, exciting environment.

myTrailhead is a massive update for the existing Trailhead product by Salesforce. Trailhead was first released in 2014, powering gamified online learning tools that would help workers succeed within the vast Salesforce Economy. Now, companies can customize the platform with corporate content and branding styles.

SVP Developer Relations and GM of Trailhead, Sarah Franklin, spoke about the vital role of training models today: “In this digital age, continuous learning is more critical than ever to keep pace with rapid technology changes and the increasing velocity of business.”

Looking at legacy learning techniques from a digital perspective, myTrailhead seeks to transform how corporates transfer knowledge and skillsets. Businesses can now transition from multiple, siloed mediums, such as manuals, presentations, and FAQs, to a unified platform. Further, the solution can be recrafted with custom onboarding trails, company-specific skills, and more.

“myTrailhead fosters a culture of learning, which drives both employee and business success,” said Franklin.

myTrailhead brings together these key features:

  • Trail Maker simplifies the implementation process with guided setup. Companies can add their own content, or modify the built-in library of Trailhead material with public access. The tool lets firms build employee-facing content on a variety of topics, in just a few clicks.
  • Trail Mixer lets workers create and share personalized learning maps, called Trailmixes. These can be based on public Trailhead content, custom content provided by the company, or even external medium like videos or slideshows.
  • Trail Tracker employs scorecards, badges, and leaderboards to motivate employees. In addition, managers and supervisors can assign and monitor learning across the enterprise using these metrics.
  • Trailhead Profile offers an end-to-end view of an employee’s skills, achievements, and segments where he has excelled. Badges, points, and skillsets that he has accrued are showcased on his profile, in-sync with his role. This would help managers make smarter decisions on appraisal, hiring, and internal recruitment.
  • Trail Checker lets companies assess skill acquisition and employee performance on internally designed tests, and award badges. This includes quizzes, hands-on tasks, stand-and-deliver assignments, and more.

Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin™, Deloitte Consulting LLP, notes that the demand for skills relevant in the 21st century is rapidly increasing. “Offerings that provide fun, easy-to-use, gamified training in modern topic areas can add value to individuals and companies all over the world,” he believes.

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