gov CIO Outlook Magazine interviews EZProtect Salesforce Virus Scanner CTO - Adaptus

AlexWong_Headshot_HRAlex Wong, CTO of Adaptus, discusses virus threats within Salesforce with gov CIO Outlook Magazine, and explains the industry’s leading virus scanning solution – EZProtect®.

“Since the federal government enacted the ‘Cloud First’ policy in 2010, we are seeing a myriad of government organizations adopting cloud solutions. This has increased the security risks, since a part of the infrastructure is no longer under the agency’s control,” expresses Alex Wong, CTO, Adaptus. As cybersecurity threats continue to grow rapidly, government institutions are in need of an effective security solution to defend against individuals that try to penetrate the nation’s federal and state agencies. “One of the many ways these attackers try to compromise the systems is through viruses and malware that open up holes and make it easier to gain access,” adds Wong.

To address this issue, Adaptus, a cybersecurity solutions and service provider, comes to the forefront with the industry’s first virus scanner for Salesforce® — EZProtect, designed to protect the government from security risks. “We also support the latest cloud technologies for government by running a separate infrastructure from our commercial offering, on the AWS FedRamp certified GovCloud,” states Wong.

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