EZProtect Antivirus Spring '19 Product Release Update - Adaptus

Adaptus is pleased to announce major product enhancements and new capabilities for EZProtect® — the industry’s leading antivirus solution for Salesforce.

The Spring ‘19 release lays the foundation for a centralized, cybersecurity hub for all cloud-based and on-premise applications for large enterprises.

Key to this foundation is the new EZProtect ODS™ (on-demand scanning) API which provides the ability to scan for malicious content or harmful URL endpoints within Salesforce, as well as in any cloud-based or on-premises application. Meaning, organizations may now protect all cloud-based and on-premises applications across their enterprise to ensure viruses, malware, and malicious URLs are not being distributed to users, customers, vendors, and partners.

Ultimately, the Adaptus vision is to enable organizations to scan any file, or content within their enterprise, through API management technology and integration platforms using EZProtect. For example, many organizations already use solutions such as Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, Informatica and others to easily create and manage API connections between their enterprise systems.

By creating EZProtect connectors to these solutions, EZProtect can easily scan any file or content that flows through the integration platforms. Connectors are currently in development and should be ready to go to market by early Summer ’19. In the meantime, product enhancements include the following:

Product Enhancements

  • On-Demand, Real-Time Scanning
  • API Connectors
  • URL Scanning
  • Enhanced Security
  • Vanity URL
  • Expanded Redundancy
  • Improved Scanner Performance


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