Businesses Find Endpoint Security Easier to Manage with Integrated Solutions - Adaptus

This is a great article about integrating cybersecurity solutions to address multiple endpoints, which is exactly why we designed the cloud-based EZProtect antivirus to scan both Salesforce and all connected applications handling attachments (Mulesoft for example) in real-time.

With so many endpoints exposed, deploying discrete solutions for each threat type is cumbersome and complex, CISOs say.

As endpoints proliferate, so do the number and types of cyberthreats targeting them. Integrating security solutions together makes it much easier to defend against cyberthreats, says Land O’Lakes CISO Tony Taylor.

Already irresistible to attackers, network-connected endpoints have become increasingly vulnerable as more workers mobilize and access internal systems.  The old standby, signature-based anti-virus, falls short in a world where known malware is no longer a big gun in cyber arsenals.

In response, IT teams are fighting back with integrated endpoint security technologies, including endpoint detection and response (EDR), next-generation anti-virus and application control. With so many threat vectors exposed, businesses are finding that an integrated security response makes more sense than trying to deploy discrete solutions for each type of threat.

“There are lots of security tools out there, but if you don’t integrate the stack, you’ve got to associate all that information and make the connections yourself,” says Land O’Lakes CISO Tony Taylor.

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