Adaptus Partner Program Announced - Adaptus

AUSTIN, TX, September 18, 2018 — Adaptus, LLC is pleased to announce the world-class Adaptus Partner Program designed to help experienced Salesforce advisory firms and technology partners grow their businesses by providing the industry’s leading cybersecurity solution for Salesforce to their customers and prospects – EZProtect®.

The Program was created in response to market demand from Business Advisory Firms around the globe. Our corporate mantra is “Collaborate, Innovate, and Co-Create”, so we did just that.

Virtually every organization using Salesforce, particularly Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud instances, are at risk for cybersecurity breaches through attachments and other content uploaded to the Salesforce environments. This is across the board, and global as Salesforce relies on a third-party solution to provide virus scanning for its tool.

The SaaS solution, EZProtect, is highly regarded for technical excellence by Salesforce staff, as well as Federal and State Government entities, publicly-held financial institutions, higher education and healthcare organizations using Salesforce.

For our Partners, this represents an immediate market of existing customers, as well as “net new” opportunities for any prospect using Salesforce. The business opportunity is enormous, and the world is their Oyster.

For Adaptus, the Partner Program represents an opportunity to grow our organization globally as a team, and we are excited about the opportunity to bring the product to market around the globe much more quickly. We believe in transparent management and working smart with the right tools, and as such, are currently developing a Salesforce Partner Portal to integrate all partners into a centralized system. And, with our experienced marketing staff and advanced marketing communications and sales tools, we have a program set up for success.

For more information about the Adaptus Partner Program, please visit and apply.


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