Adaptus is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider focused on emerging technologies specializing in customizable cybersecurity for business management applications such as Salesforce,, Sharefile, Office 365 OneDrive, Mulesoft, Boomi, etc..

Founded in 2012 on the premise of collaborating with customers to solve real problems, Adaptus products are used by large, Fortune-500 companies with thousands of users.

Led by a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA), Adaptus provides corporate peace of mind through innovative simple and innovative emerging intelligent technologies to safeguard their secrets.

Based in Austin, TX, Adaptus works with technology partners to serve organizations around the globe including North America, Europe, and soon, APAC. For more information about our products or services contact us today.

 To provide peace of mind to the global business community through simple and innovative emerging intelligent technologies to safeguard their secrets.

In 2015, Adaptus started out as a small software startup focused on a simple virus scanning solution for Salesforce.

Within a few years, Adaptus solidified its position as the industry-leading virus scanning solution provider for Salesforce. As the company grows, so does the vision of a truly simple, secure, highly intelligent and efficient security solution that plays well with others.

Soon, the concept of centralized enterprise-wide security and intelligence for all applications under a corporate umbrella will become a reality and the Adaptus name will become a household name.

We create simple, elegant, world-class solutions for large enterprises to improve lead/case management and communications.

We Identify Problems

Our products are designed to solve problems in the simplest, most efficient manner possible. We start by identifying capabilities our customers are looking for, confirming the market need, and creating solutions to solve the problem.

We Collaborate

We believe that a company should serve a higher purpose than to just make a profit. We have always had a passion for creating new things, and continue this passion.

We Develop Solutions

With rocket speed, we drive innovations that make an impactful difference in customers lives.