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More often than not, companies fail at deploying traditional security controls to “nodes” connecting to their network.
Technology changes faster than most business can keep up with. The proliferation of mobile technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing has changed the types of “assets” connected to networks. Implementing cybersecurity “best practices” across an increasingly unstructured and decentralized network is one of the most vexing challenges facing companies today.

Traditional cybersecurity approaches revolved around the medieval concept of “protecting the crown jewels” – a concentric circle view of layered security focused on protecting the important data at the center through successive layers of defenses such as application, host-based, network (internal and external perimeter) and physical controls. This defensive strategy works in a centralized, controlled and managed-device network, which is becoming increasingly extinct.

Companies have the most control over devices that they purchase, configure and issue to users. But as consumer-driven technology drives new devices and systems, organizations are losing control over devices their users and network interacts with. More often than not, companies fail at deploying traditional security controls to “nodes” connecting to their network.

For example, with IoT devices it isn’t possible to change or install software. In an enterprise context, IoT includes medical devices in hospitals or monitoring devices deployed in manufacturing or agriculture. This technology is particularly attractive for these traditionally unconnected industries as it offers new leaps into interconnected systems and monitoring what was once impractical due to safety or geographical reasons.


LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 04: Tim Baxter, President and Chief Operating Officer of Samsung Electronics America, speaks at CES 2017 on January 4, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Consistently challenge your organization through proactive testing, often referred to as “red team, blue team exercises.

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While the CISO will identify risks and prioritize security protocols, it is incumbent on senior executives to understand and carry out the procedures across the business — to the most-vulnerable points of entry for cyber criminals. #cybersecurity

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CIOs and other C-level executives are taking the fall and ultimately being named in cyber security lawsuits. Understand some of the issues that CIOs and board members should be asking regarding their cyber security policies here. @salesforce, #ezprotect

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Alex Wong, CTO of Adaptus, discusses virus threats within Salesforce with gov CIO Outlook Magazine, and explains the industry's leading virus scanning solution - #EZProtect®. @salesforce,#virusprotection

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Shield defense on blue technology background with digital code

Salesforce poses a huge security risk as it does NOT provide virus scanning and/or a way to prevent certain files, attachments, document uploads or chatter from entering the system with malicious content. This is especially concerning when a Salesforce application is publicly exposed through communities and Thankfully, there is a solution offered by a startup in Austin, TX, and large financial institutions and the U.S. Government are taking notice. @salesforce, #cybersecurity,#virusprotection

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Adaptus is pleased to announce the successful release of EZProtect™ antivirus scanner for Salesforce with early adopters CDOT and large financial institutions. #cdot @salesforce

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Shield security (done in 3d, isolated)

If your company is using Salesforce and providing "communities" or "portals", both internal and external, your organization is vulnerable and at great risk of malware and phishing attacks. EZProtect is the industry's only anti-virus protection application to fend off such threats in the Salesforce environment. Download your FREE trial today!

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The following article is a great example of how easily phishing/malware can take down any organization. In this case, it was a law firm, but the principals apply to all companies. Thankfully, Adaptus has developed EZProtect to ward off attacks within the Salesforce environment.

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Дземброня. На зимних склонах.

Last month a city and province on the far western side of Ukraine suffered a malware attack contained in a Microsoft Word attachment which left hundreds of thousands without electricity in subzero conditions.

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Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?

Kick off the New Year with the right tools to improve efficiency and increase profitability. Install EZAssign and watch your worries disappear...

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