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Our products are designed to solve problems in the simplest, most efficient manner possible. We start by identifying capabilities our customers are looking for, confirming the market need, and creating solutions to solve the problem.

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We believe that a company should serve a higher purpose than to just make a profit. We have always had a passion for creating new things, and continue this passion.

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With rocket speed, we drive innovations that make an impactful difference in customers lives.

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salesforce predicts black friday

Salesforce Predicts Black Friday Will Be the Busiest Digital Shopping Day in U.S. History

September 25, 2017Salesforce,

Mobile will account for 60 percent of total traffic to retail sites across the globe this shopping season Consumers want more intelligent, personalized services -- 58 percent value personalized, in-store service and 60 percent value relevant product recommendations online Two in five millennials use voice-enabled digital assistants to research merchandise before buying online @Salesforce #BlackFriday2017

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Equifax’s Instructions Are Confusing. Here’s What to Do Now.

September 12, 2017Company News, Cybersecurity, Events, EZProtect, News You can Use, , ,

It’s time for all of us to play defense, because Equifax clearly did not. In the wake of the epic breach of as many as 143 million of our Social Security numbers, names and addresses from the company’s credit files, the company put up a website that attempted to make sense of things for consumers. #Equifaxbreach #cybersecurity

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10 Reasons why Desktop Virus Scanning Softwares don’t work for Salesforce Environments

September 12, 2017Education, EZProtect

Many IT professionals are unaware of major security threats to their networks via Salesforce as they assume standard network/desktop virus scanning software (such as McAfee, Norton, Total AV, among others) will work within the Salesforce environment. Or, they assume Salesforce includes a built-in virus scanning mechanism. Unfortunately, these are serious misconceptions that lead to catastrophic consequences. Why? @salesforce,#antivirus,#virusscanning

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Credit reporting firm Equifax says data breach could potentially affect 143 million US consumers

September 8, 2017Company News, Cybersecurity, Events, EZProtect, News You can Use, , , ,

Equifax said data on 143 million U.S. customers was obtained in a breach. The breach was discovered July 29. Personal data including birth dates, credit card numbers and more were obtained in the breach. Three Equifax executives sold shares in the company days after the breach was discovered. #equifaxbreach #cybersecurity

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Herjavec Group

Threat Update from the Herjavec Group: Beware of Hurricane Harvey Phishing Scams

September 5, 2017Cybersecurity, EZProtect, News You can Use, , ,

Cybercriminal activity tends to increase significantly following a natural disaster of this magnitude.For example, fraudulent emails that mimic reputable charitable organizations requesting donations, often contain malicious links or attachments that direct users to malware-infected websites. @HerjavecGroup #HurricaneHarvey #Phising #ScamAlert

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Great lead distribution app! The EZAssign team have produced a very effective app for our business.
Luke Craig
The Fuelcard Company
EZAssign is exactly the app we were looking for!
Katie Fleming
Tenon Tours
EZAssign is a great product!
Bobby Juarez
Infinity Learning Solutions
When we run into issues, The Adaptus support team is always on top of it. Their support team is awesome!
Scott Sumner
Hewlett Packard
It’s amazing to us that until now, there has not been a virus scanner available for SalesForce. The minute we learned about the application, we requested a demo and initiated it as quickly as possible. The team at Adaptus has been great, and we were up and running in no-time. The application has worked seamlessly, and we are much more relieved to know customers who work with us in the SalesForce environment are protected against malware, phishing and Trojan horse viruses often found in attachments.
Qing Lin
Policy & Budget Analyst / Colorado Department of Transportation